71 mm profile depth.

 6 Chamber frame& Mullion, 7 Chamber window sash, 5 chamber door &T Door Sash ; cost effective system for functionality with effective heat isolation, air&water tightness, and  wind resistivity.

Normal Frame, Larger Frame and Frame with cornige.

İn-door and  T-Door Sash.

Rounded profile edge details for aesthetic.

Rounded glazing bead edge details to compatibility of main profiles.

 45 ° corner connections of glazing beads; for aesthetics and isolation.

Hinges are connected to metal supporting profiles for all frame-sash combinations.

One piece supporting profiles  for  sash profiles, especially for the locking side of the window and door sashs . 

Full metal-to-metal connections by screws, between locking pieces and supporting profiles.

4 - 20 – 24-28-32 mm Glazing beads.

Homogenity in appreance with special whiteness and high gloss.

Special formulation approved to wheatherability with long-life.

Caramel base-profile colour, for laminated profiles with favourable designs.

Effective after-sale service.

Special Blue coloured and black, Weldable TPV gaskets for productivity to window montage.